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Since the start of this blog I had one picture in the header of this blog. This picture stayed faithfully at the same place. Now I have made a change. There is a changing header with pictures from different book covers.

Do you know what books I have pictured in the header?  Let me know!


Macron’s French language crusade bolsters imperialism – Congo novelist

The French president Emmanuel Macron has a formidable opponent. No, I am not writing about coming elections in France. I am talking about the French desire to keep a hold on all those French speaking countries (the Francophonie) in the world. 

Alain MabanckouThe Congo – born writer Alain Mabanckou has his own opinions about the role the French government wants to play among all these countries. Will the French language will be rope around a neck or will it be a two-way connection between countries? Read more about these issues here.

13 Self-Love Stories About Women Finding Themselves Instead Of “The One”

How important is romance in modern day cinema and in modern day literature? We could give many examples of the romantic inclination of many characters and protagonists in modern art. But there is more. The woman finds a man. A man finds a woman, or all kinds of other possibilities. Also we find women discovering and rediscovering themselves. In this list we find to writers with African roots: Nnedi Okorafor and Marie NDiaye. 



Poet profile: Siphokazi Jonas

It is always good to pay attention to poets. This time the limelight is focussed on the South African lady Siphokazi Jonas. She has studied at University, did her work in the fields of Drama and English language and literature. After she finished her studies she took more and more time to make her name in the field of poetry and this combined with drama. Read more about her activities here



“The world around us is enough to inspire anyone to write”

Literature comes in all forms and shapes. One of these forms is romance fiction. One of the writers of this kind is Amaka Azie, who lives in England. She is a writer but also a parttime family doctor. She has strong roots in Nigeria and in this interview she answers questions about her literary work. The world is enough to inspire us to write - Amaka Azie | MMM

“I try to make history relatable – to humanise it”: Zakes Mda on his writing

The South African writer Zakes Mda is a popular writer. He has retired from his teaching profession at the University of Ohio (United States of America), but maybe he cannot retire from reaching, even in his books. At a seminary he still taught his hearers about the way he works and writes his novels.

In this article we can hear some of his ideas.

Le français, notre bien commun ? Par Alain Mabanckou et Achille Mbembe

Maybe the French president Emmanuel Macron has met his superior in the German chancellor Anega Merkel. What ever the truth maybe, it is clear that he tries to tighten the ties with Francophone countries and parts of countries. This called the Francophonie. AchilleMbembeQuotesMany countries in Africa have ties with France, a former colonial power. It could be he hoped for a positive responce to his ideas of the Francophonie, but some French intellectuals have other ideas. Two of them, are the writer Alain Mabanckou and the philosopher Achille Mbembe from Cameroon. Read more about these two men and their ideas here


On an African Literary Adventure

What we find here is a labour of love. Reading one book from every country in Africa! What an achievement. Read her list and wonder and try to find out how many books on the list you have read. Or maybe you have read another books and you might count the countries you have visited in a literary way. Somalia could be a bit difficult, should we have Somaliland as well?