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Stories abound. People tell stories when they sip tea. When they meet friends in the streets. When they talk with their children at nighttime. Stories float in the air, walk over soily paths, hide in the innermost being op people.

Chika Unigwe has decided to write down one of these stories that she met. A story about a hesitant mother and her new born baby Beth(lehem). You can read the story here



nigeria has a new government

The country Nigeria (in West Africa) has voted for a new president. The man is Buhari. Now he has formed a new government. What are his plans? What has happened with the jihadist movement Boko Haram? Has this former general taken any proper and effective steps to put down this organization? 

Chika Unigwe has a closer look.

President Buhari presents Lance Corporal Kenneth Kulugh with the Purple Heart medal

crime and christianity are killing

There is a centuries old clash between a tradition and invading perceptions. The invading force can be a religion, crime, modernity, dominant culture in a country, an outspoken person. Sometimes it can be an internal force as well that wants to change the tradition and bring it into rapport with the times. 

A masquerade dancer in AbujaIn this article the Nigerian writer Chika Unigwe writes about old Igbo traditions. What will be the future of these traditions, like the new yam festival? She shows the compromise her father lives with. She writes about the attitude of the Catholic Church (meaning the Roman Catholic Church) and evangelical churches (no names or denominations mentioned). The Roman Catholic Church has a long tradition of finding ways of absorbing local traditions into its own traditions.

The title is a bit misleading, in my perception. Chika writes about a complex situation with different church denominations who have different opinions. 


going home

Here you will find a brand new story, recently published. It has been written by Chika Unigwe, who lives in Belgium, but she has roots firmly in Nigeria. 

the 2015 writivism

The names of the shortlist have been made known by the chair of the 2015 Writivism Short Story Prize Judging Panel. The name of the Chair is Chika Unigwe, from Nigeria. 

Here you find the statement by the Chair, including the names of the contenders.

Nnedinma Jane Kalu

6 nigerian writers in the 14-man

Here is another longlist for African writing. This time it is all about the 2015 Writivism Short Story Prize. The panel of the jury is headed by the Nigerian writer Chika Unigwe. She is joined on the panel by several other writers from different countries. 



these immigrants

I see two opposing trends. On the one hand I see a stress on the local situation in which people live. A movement of more political power for a small entity. On the other hand globalisation is getting stronger and stronger. In so many houses objects from all over the world have found a place.

One of the results of globalization are the constant streams of migration. In itself this is not something new, people have moved from one place to another, from one culture to another. But the space covered by the modern migrations is larger and more diverse than in the past.

Here you find some stories from writers who have migrated, once, twice, and even more often. Some of these writers have a connection with Africa.