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Morland Writing Scholarship 2017 Shortlist

The announcement of a shortlist or a longlist is always an important event. Writers have been waiting with anticipation and trembling and now the names are out. The names on the shortlist 2017 for the Morland Writing Scholarship have been made known. Now we have to wait with further anxiety for the final winner.

Read the shortlist here.

Miles Morland Foundation


Melissa Volker Wins

It is always the right time to award a literary prize. These prizes abound. This time some news from South Africa. Melissa Volker has received a prize. 

Read more about it here

Sisonke Msimang and Megan Ross Win

Two members a the South  African branch of PEN have received Literary Awards. They received the awards form the Brittle Paper. Read more about it here.Sisonke Msimang and Megan Ross Win in the 2017 Brittle Paper Literary Awards

Interview with 2017 Caine Prize Winner: Bushra al-Fadil

The African country Sudan is not known as a hotbed of literature. I do not know if this is a reflection of the present literary scene. But there is at least one exception. It is the writer Bushra al-Fadil. He is not the young and upcoming writer, that has just left secondary school and wrote his first book right after that. 

Here you will find an email interview with this writer near his retirement age. 

On missing Nobel Prize yet again Ngugi

It is a ritual that comes back every year. The date of the announcement of the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is nearing. Speculation is rive. Africans mention names, bookmakers look for profit. The name of the Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o is on almost everybody’s list, at leat those lists emanating from Africa. 

When the name is being mentioned, the next step in the ritual takes place. It is about disappointment, about a missed opportunity and Ngugi is asked about this situation.

Well here is such a situation. 

We need our own Nobel and an academy

Here is another episode in the yearly journey towards the declaration of the winner of the Novel Prize for Literature. As far as I know four / five / six writers from the African continent have won. The changing number depends on wether you want to count Albert Camus (pied noir) and Doris Lessing as well.

Now Zukiswa Wanner has followed the journey of Ngugi wa Thiong’0 and she has seen that there will be no Nobel Prize for Ngugi in 2017. But what about 2018? Should some big businessman, instead of buying a Premier League soccerclub, start a kind of Africa-alone Literary Prize, with lots of money and prestige?

What do you think? Personally I think withdrawing out of the global literary world and closing the curtains would be a step to the past. We should participate in global activities, because we are part of it !

Read the article by Wanner here.African need to start having conversations with our own Nobels who are alive in these times to consider doing some of these things for their home continent (Leonardo Cendamo/ Leemage)

Former journalist wins NLNG $100,000 literature prize

It is a moment to look forward t0. The announcement of the winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature. The edition of this year has been named and his name is Ikeogu Oke. He wrote a collection of poetry and the jury was duly impressed. There were a mighty 184 entries for this year’s competotion.

Read more about it here.Ikeogu Oke