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Die Frau, die Aliens nach Lagos bringt

The American / Nigerian or Nigerian / American writer Nnedi Okorafor is at the moment very well known in the English speaking and reading world. But now the Stuttgarter Zeitung in Germany has taken time and page to highlight her achievements in this article.  

She is present at the Dragon Days that will be starting today in Stuttgart. And about the title, maybe these aliens were already present in Lagos when Nnedi discovered them. Mit Nnedi Okorafors Lesung im Linden-Museum beginnen die Dragon Days 2017. Foto: Picasa


Former journalist wins NLNG $100,000 literature prize

It is a moment to look forward t0. The announcement of the winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature. The edition of this year has been named and his name is Ikeogu Oke. He wrote a collection of poetry and the jury was duly impressed. There were a mighty 184 entries for this year’s competotion.

Read more about it here.Ikeogu Oke

Publishers should embrace Yoruba writing

The literary world in Africa is dominated by the languages of former colonial powers. In the West African country the use of the English language is paramount. But there are many other languages in Nigeria, some areas are hotbeds of languages. Take for instance Plateau State in Central Nigeria, where languages abound. Many of these languages have only a small group of speakers (and readers and writers). In other parts of the country there are some major languages, with a use even outside the Nigerian borders.

Now an appeal has been made to make more use of the Yoruba language. An appeal has been made to publishers to make more use of these major languages.

The significance of Chinua Achebe’s short stories – Part 2

Here is the second part of the article on the character of the short stories written by the late Chinua Achebe, re famous Nigerian author. He never got the Nobel Prize for Literature but his writing and his stimulating activities for other writers have helped open a floodgate for other writers, not just from Nigeria, but from the whole of Africa and the Diaspora. 


Here is a poem, written buy the Nigerian author and poet Ebuka Ebuka Prince Okoroafor. He likes to pay attention to small things in his life and in his surroundings. Often we tend to miss these small things, we pass them buy. But Okoroafor helps us to look with a renewed vision.

Politician, doctor and novelist Wale Okediran

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to have peace of mind to write your next novel, or to write poetry for a new collection? Not everyone can afford a home away from home. A secluded place, without disturbances. Some universities offer a place of residence, a home away from home. Not quite a secluded place. Not quite a time to devote your time to writing. Often a writer in residence has some teaching responsibilities or has to take time to help aspiring writers at that university. But at least there is some time to work on your own literary output.

Read here about Wale Okediran who, with a little help from some friends, worked on establishing a place for writers in Iseyin, Oyo State (Nigeria). Writers from several countries come to Oyo State. 

Read here about his thought on books that have been important to Wale Okediran.Dr Okediran, a medical doctor and politician,

Professional writers need to be professional readers

The Nigerian author Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀ wrote a stunning debut novel with her Stay With Me. She was present at The Open Book Festival in Cape Town in South Africa. She was interviewed and you will find the interview here

I wonder what a professional reader is? As that a person who reads books to write reviews for a newspaper of for a magazine? Is that a college lecturer who needs to keep in touch with the world of literature?