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Gabeba Baderoon’s tribute to Prof. Keorapetse Kgositsile

Gabeba Baderoon’s Tribute to Prof. Keorapetse KgositsileEarlier this year the South African writer Keorapetse Kgositsile passed away. Many words have been written about his life and the loss literary minded people have felt.

One the contribution after his death has been written by his friend Gabeba Baderoon and you will find it here.


Author of Jacob Zuma exposé ‘faces criminal charges’

There is a disturbance in South Africa. A book has been published. Secrets have been revealed. Lines of communication have been explored. And now the writer of this book on the people around president Jacob Zuma is in hot water, The writer, Jacques Pauw, now faces criminal charges. Read more about his ‘criminal’ activities hereSouth African president Jacob Zuma

South African security services move to ban exposé

President Jacob Zuma addressing parliament in Cape Town, South Africa.

The forces are ready to fight of the power of the The President’s Keepers. This exposé of the people around the South African president Jacob Zuma has been written by the gourmet chef Jacques Pauw. Earlier in his life he was an investigative journalist and it seems he has not lost his touch with his former profession. 

Read more about the forces here

Zuma’s Spooks Are Using Apartheid-Era Tricks

The storm is not over. The winds are still blowing, the news is spreading like wildfire. There are attempts to block the spread of The President’s Keepers by Jacques Pauw. Max du Preez is familiar with attempts to block a publication, that was during the days of apartheid. Not much has changed in the way of tactics.

Read what Du Preez has to say here.

The beginning of the President’s Keepers by Jacques Pauw

On the site of Amazon you can have a view of the beginning of the book The President’s Keepers, written by the South African chef and investigative journalist Jacques Pauw. Legal action has been started against the publication of this sensitive and explosive book.

Have a look here

State Security Agency demand that publisher withdraw The President’s Keepers

The freedom of the word is a difficult issue. Whether you fight against racism, fight against apartheid, or fight against corruption at whatever levels. South Africa is a country that has a troubled relationship with the freedom of the word. I happened during the years of the apartheid rule, but even these days the state organs can try to take legal step against an author and a publisher.

This happening right now with the book  The President’s Keepers by the journalist and author Jacques Pauw. He was the man who wrote a book on the secrecy of death squads during the apartheid years. 

Read more about it here.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the president keepers

It’s not my job to answer books

The content of the book must be explosive. The content is about the people around the South African president Jacob Zuma. They are the people who keep him in power, or is it the way around.

Jacques Pauw is a chef in a popular restaurant, before that he was a journalist. He did a long investigation into the inner circle surrounding Jacob Zuma. He wrote it down. He published it. Then the powers started to invade.

Jacob Zuma does not answer. Others will do it.

Read more about it here