Morland Writing Scholarship 2017 Shortlist

The announcement of a shortlist or a longlist is always an important event. Writers have been waiting with anticipation and trembling and now the names are out. The names on the shortlist 2017 for the Morland Writing Scholarship have been made known. Now we have to wait with further anxiety for the final winner.

Read the shortlist here.

Miles Morland Foundation


Dankesrede von Hisham Matar

It was not an easy thing to stage resistance against the Nazi regime in Germany. But two siblings did make an attempt, brother and sister Scholl with Die Weisse Rose. Their efforts ended in death.

About 25 years ago a literary prize was established carrying their names. This years winner is Hisham Matar, for the German translation of his book The Return. Here you will find his acceptance speech. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hisham matar

Jerry Chiemeke

He lives and works in Lagtos, the former capital of Nigeria. Jerry Chiemeke is a lawyer but he does not limit his activities to the legal world. He is also active as a man of words, who is active in the literary world. In this series, run by a Kenyan newspaper, he answers questions on books that have accompanied him in his life.Jerry Chiemeke is a lawyer, writer, editor and

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia

This series brings to the fore some writers I did not know before. So, this is a good thing. Highlighted this time is the Ghanaian writer Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (34 years young). She is a professional teacher at a secondary school in Ghana. I do not know what subject she teaches. A book written by her was used at an university course.

Read the questions and her answers.Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia is a Ghanaian from Kwahu

Author of Jacob Zuma exposé ‘faces criminal charges’

There is a disturbance in South Africa. A book has been published. Secrets have been revealed. Lines of communication have been explored. And now the writer of this book on the people around president Jacob Zuma is in hot water, The writer, Jacques Pauw, now faces criminal charges. Read more about his ‘criminal’ activities hereSouth African president Jacob Zuma

A Reversal

Her roots are near the sea. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean lapped at her little feet when she lived in the coastal town Lime, in the West African country Cameroon. These days she lives at the other side of this very same ocean, in New York City (USA). 

This short story on the theme of ‘Belonging’ was read on October 16, 2017. Read it here, what Imbolo Mbue had to say.

Africa has been failed by westernisation

The relationship of African countries with the west is a complicated one.

First of all most of these countries are not situated to the west of Africa. Most of these countries are situated in the northern parts of the world, seen from an African perspective. 

The second notion is that many countries on the African countries have been colonized by countries from other parts of the world. We can think of France, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain. A longer time back we remember the Ottoman Empire with its fingers stretching into the northern parts of the continent. 

The third notion is the present relationship with countries outside the continent. Is an African country dependent on a country from the outside world? Depending on financial assistance, military assistance, cultural dependence, through e.g. language, maybe even food assistance. During the years of the Cold War the United States of America and the Soviet Union were the main suppliers of assistance. Things have changed as China has become an important player on the continent. China has become a different player, not be bringing in things, but taking out a lot and bringing in many of their own citizens. 

The Djinguereber Mosque in Timbuktu, Mali, Africa.The Nigerian writer Chigozie Obioma has been thinking about this topic and the dependence of countries on western (or northern) developments. Read his article here