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Who is like God

akwaeke emeziThe overall winner of the 2017 Commonwealth Short Story Prize has been announced. There were several regional winners. The one from Africa is Akwaeke Emezi, she wrote the story title ‘Who is like God’.

Here you will find her story. Enjoy.  


The 2017 Commonwealth short story

akwaeke emeziLast month the people came together, all invited. Writers and diplomats, just to name a few. The selection of the continental representative had been made already. From Africa the Nigerian writer Akwaeke Emezi was nominated with her book Who is like God. She did not become the overall winner, but she did us proud.

Look here for more information. 

2017 Commonwealth short story prize shortlist

The names and the titles have been made known. It is a long shortlist of names and places. Among the names are three writers from former British colonies in Africa. Two from Nigeria and one from South Africa, the usual suspects. 

Read the long shortlist here.

Commonwealth Writers