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9mobile Prize for Literature

Literary Prizes galore. 

Here is some information on The 9mobile Prize for Literature . On the pages of this website you will find all the information you need as a young writer to apply for this prize, or your publisher will do it.

There are some famous judges like Doreen Baingana from Uganda. The first prize is £15,000, to this amount of money is also linked a Fellowship in the United Kingdom.


Die Woordenaars dig & drink

It seems that the way poetry is presented to the prospective reader or hearer is changing. Poetry more and more becomes a performance art. Poetry enters our lives more and more through our ears and less through our eyes. 

For some reading poetry and listening to it cannot be separated from drinking a strong drink. 

Read about poets who are drinkers. 

Khwezi Speaks

Tragic stories abound, in real life and in books. Some of the real life stories end up in books. One of these books is “Khwezi”. Khwezi is the name by which Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo bggecame known in those heady days of 2005 when she had accused president Jacob Zuma of having raped her. In the end the president went scotfree.

For Khwezi the afterlife was not so easy. The followers of Zuma came after her and she fled the country (did she go to The Netherlands?). In 2016 Khwezi returned to South Africa and started talking to Redi Tlhabi. Shortly after telling her story Khwezi died. Redi finished the book and published it.

Here you will find an excerpt of the story.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor khwezi

Cape Town book signing: Killing Karoline

The apartheid has many legacies. Literature in South Africa (and surrounding countries) is filled with these legacies. 

Sara-Jayne King tells about her roots in the days of apartheid. She was born (in 1980) out of a relationship between a white mother and a black father. That was an illegal and unwanted relationship during the days of apartheid. She was given the name Karoline King, her adoptive white parents later changed her surname. Sara-Jayne was classified as white and was raised in a white world.

In her book Killing Karoline she tells about her journey set against the background of her family and the history of her country.

In a few days time she will be doing a book signing in Cape Town, next month there will another sessions in the very same Cape Town.

Read about it here

Ahmed Suk Suk

Many stories can be told about the situation in Sudan, the split between north and south, the atrocities, daily life. David L. Lukudu wrote a story that won the second prize in a competition that led to the book ‘I know two Sudans’.  

David hails from Sudan, moved to Uganda and Kenya, now he works in South Sudan with the WHO. His field of expertise is medicine.

Read his story, published here by Warscapes. 

Oh look, she’s got red blood!

‘Colour me Yellow’ is the title of a book written by Thuli Nhlapo, who confronts herself with her background in her family and at school were she got the nickname Yellow, her real name was not used by others. There were shocking experiences, that have not left her.

Here you will an excerpt from her book.

So many different types of strange

The Nigerian / American writer Nnedi Okorafor is setting her own pace in the literary world of sci-fi. It is a specialized world, creating new worlds and new characters that defy the present-day possibilities. 

In the near future her works will be adapted by HBO to a tv version, a huge step with a potential world wide audience. But is the sale of your script for television more important than selling your script for a book? Is it a matter of scale or a matter of finances? Read more about it in The Guardian.  

Okorafor’s Marvel comic featuring the superhero, Ngozi.