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Renowned South African Author Karel Schoeman

The news about the death of the South African writer is spreading from South Africa to the remaining parts of the world. Here you will find an article from Nigeria about the death of Karel Schoeman. 


South African author Karel Schoeman commits suicide

Many years the South African author Karel Schoeman decided to end his own life. A previous attempt did not work out, so now he has a second attempt, this time he managed to fulfill the promise he made himself.

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Renowned author Karel Schoeman described how

Before he started his way to his death the South African writer Karel Schoeman was clear about his reasons for his chosen death. He wrote his thoughts on it down as a legacy and as a start for a discussion on the topic of the chosen death. 

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a letter of farewell

The South African writer Karel Schoeman wrote a letter to whom it may concern. Everyone can have a look into this letter and find out about the reasons given by Schoeman for ending his won life. The revelation came as a shock.

Here you find the letter. 

Karel Schoeman: The Disturbing Reason Why The Renowned Afrikaans Writer Committed Suicide

He wrote a letter, not a disturbing feat for a renowed author. But this letter by Karel Schoeman to his sollicitor was a letter of far reaching proportions. In this letter Karel Schoeman tells about his decision to take his own life. 

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Afrikaans writer Karel Schoeman commits suicide

It is a shock. The wellknown South African writer Karel Schoeman is longer among us. He committed suicide. Read more about this here.  

Karel Schoeman

karel schoeman reageer op die fak se np

I have one of his books on my shelves, but I have not read this book. The writer I am talking about is Karel Schoeman (1939) from South Africa. He studied linguistics and he studied at a Roman Catholic seminary, later he travelled to Ireland to join the order of the Franciscans (long before the present pope took the name of the old Italian). In the end he did not enter the order, but returned to South Africa to study to be a librarian. He did some work in Amsterdam and Glasgow and came back to South Africa again. 

In the meantime he wrote many books, and many of his books have been translated, into English, into Dutch, into German, into French.

Now Schoeman has been honoured with the “N.P. van Wyk Louw-eerbewys vir die bevordering van die Afrikaanse taal, kultuur en geskiedenis”. In honour of his achievements for the Afrikaner language, culture and history.