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Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia

This series brings to the fore some writers I did not know before. So, this is a good thing. Highlighted this time is the Ghanaian writer Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (34 years young). She is a professional teacher at a secondary school in Ghana. I do not know what subject she teaches. A book written by her was used at an university course.

Read the questions and her answers.Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia is a Ghanaian from Kwahu


Author of Jacob Zuma exposé ‘faces criminal charges’

There is a disturbance in South Africa. A book has been published. Secrets have been revealed. Lines of communication have been explored. And now the writer of this book on the people around president Jacob Zuma is in hot water, The writer, Jacques Pauw, now faces criminal charges. Read more about his ‘criminal’ activities hereSouth African president Jacob Zuma

A Reversal

Her roots are near the sea. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean lapped at her little feet when she lived in the coastal town Lime, in the West African country Cameroon. These days she lives at the other side of this very same ocean, in New York City (USA). 

This short story on the theme of ‘Belonging’ was read on October 16, 2017. Read it here, what Imbolo Mbue had to say.

Why we must change how we teach literature

Students flock to university in order to get a degree and in the end, after finishing the studies,  a proper job in which they can use the skills and the knowledge they gained during their studies.

But what about teaching literature at our universities? This writer wonders if we need a thorough change at our universities in the way the subject Literature is being taught. Food for thought. Eager University students in a lecture hall.

Vincent de Paul: It’s time we told different African stories

Vincent de Paul is award winning author and

I have to admit that I could not remember that I have come across Vincent de Paul before. He is a Kenyan writer and publisher. In this interview he tells about his writing and publishing work and his inspiration.

Kariuki wa Nyamu

This is a nice series of articles in a Kenyan daily newspaper. People from the writing world are asked a set of questions concerning their worlds of books. Like whom do you like to have dinner with? What are your favourite books? 

Now the versatile Kenyan Kariuki wa Nyamu is answering questions. Read the questions and answers here.Kariuki wa Nyamu is a Kenyan poet, radio

Why Christopher Okigbo matters 50 years after

Yes, one of his publications is in the shifting header on my blog. His name is Christopher Okigbo and he was a famous writer and poet from the southern parts of Nigeria. He died during the civil war, where he fought on the side of Biafra.

Ali Mazrui, the Kenyan and global giant, wrote a book (The trial of Christopher Okigbo) on the attitude of Okigbo in choosing this military life.

What is the legacy of Okigbo, 50 years on? Read about it here