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Maaza Mengiste, Carrie Brownstein, and Jill Filipovic on gender and power

The issue of gender is coming more and more to the fore. Gender is a multifacetted way of describing your personhood, your being YOU. To many gender is linked to power, who is calling the shots, who is defining and setting standards.

Maaza Mengiste is one  of the speakers at a session on gender and power. Read more about it here

Renowned South African Author Karel Schoeman

The news about the death of the South African writer is spreading from South Africa to the remaining parts of the world. Here you will find an article from Nigeria about the death of Karel Schoeman. 

South African author Karel Schoeman commits suicide

Many years the South African author Karel Schoeman decided to end his own life. A previous attempt did not work out, so now he has a second attempt, this time he managed to fulfill the promise he made himself.

Read about it here.

Renowned author Karel Schoeman described how

Before he started his way to his death the South African writer Karel Schoeman was clear about his reasons for his chosen death. He wrote his thoughts on it down as a legacy and as a start for a discussion on the topic of the chosen death. 

Read more about it here

Listen to John Conyngham

Hazara? Yes, Hazara. It did not recognize the name so I did q quick and very short research into the name and I found myself in Afghanistan and surrounding countries. Did the South African John write about these people, called Hazara? Well, it could be, no need to stick to the familiar. Great to widen your scope.

But when I extended my research I discovered that the subtitle is about an African farm. An African farm in Afghanistan? Well, it could be, Africans like to move around.

The next step showed that the African farm, of the subtitle fame, was at the coast of the Indian Ocean in Natal, South Africa. It got the name Hazara from the regiment of the British Indian Army in which James (married to Mia) served. James and Mia started this farm in 1924, when they were newly weds.

Listen to John Conyngham tell about the farm that is intertwined with his own life. 

a letter of farewell

The South African writer Karel Schoeman wrote a letter to whom it may concern. Everyone can have a look into this letter and find out about the reasons given by Schoeman for ending his won life. The revelation came as a shock.

Here you find the letter. 

Karel Schoeman: The Disturbing Reason Why The Renowned Afrikaans Writer Committed Suicide

He wrote a letter, not a disturbing feat for a renowed author. But this letter by Karel Schoeman to his sollicitor was a letter of far reaching proportions. In this letter Karel Schoeman tells about his decision to take his own life. 

Read about it here