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Love story: “Stay With Me,” the debut novel

The Nigerian author Ayobami Adebayo has made an impact with her debut novel ‘Stay with me’. Her book had been published in 2013 by a Nigerian publisher, but in this year the book reached the limelight. Ayobami travelled to the United States of America and talked about her book, met people and hoped to gain many more readers. She was interviewed by the magazine Vogue and you find it all here.

The author Ayobami Adebayo photographed in New York in June 2017.

Ayobami Adebayo recommends…

She writes of past days when she had to sit for an exam and prepared herself by dissecting words and sentences and characters. Ayobami Adebayo uses the skills she developed in those days when she writes herself these days. So, pay attention at Literature Classes at school. It could be the beginning of something great. Read her thoughts here


Stories abound. People tell stories when they sip tea. When they meet friends in the streets. When they talk with their children at nighttime. Stories float in the air, walk over soily paths, hide in the innermost being op people.

Chika Unigwe has decided to write down one of these stories that she met. A story about a hesitant mother and her new born baby Beth(lehem). You can read the story here


Great expectations: an interview with Ayobami Adebayo

The interview took place with one at American side of the ocean and the other at the Nigerian side of the very same Atlantic Ocean. The one at the Nigerian side was the upcoming writer Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀. She has gained fame with her book on marriage in a novel setting. She originally published her book a few years ago, but now her book has reached the shores of other countries. Many went out to the beach to look for her book. Read the interview here

Who is like God

akwaeke emeziThe overall winner of the 2017 Commonwealth Short Story Prize has been announced. There were several regional winners. The one from Africa is Akwaeke Emezi, she wrote the story title ‘Who is like God’.

Here you will find her story. Enjoy.  

A second look at Teju Cole

The Nigerian / American Teju Cole shot to fame through his writing. There is, however, more to Teju Cole than holding a pen. He is an art historian. He is an avid photographer and he connect all this bit and parts of his life.

Read here about an exposition in New York (USA) by Teju Cole.  

The 2017 Commonwealth short story

akwaeke emeziLast month the people came together, all invited. Writers and diplomats, just to name a few. The selection of the continental representative had been made already. From Africa the Nigerian writer Akwaeke Emezi was nominated with her book Who is like God. She did not become the overall winner, but she did us proud.

Look here for more information.