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The launch of Reflecting Rogue was trending

The launch of a book is an event in its own class. Friends, relatives, stakeholders, book readers and all kinds of assorted people assemble at a chosen venue. The writer appears in full glory and the attendanding people sit down with awe and expectation.

Reflecting RogueYesterday a books was launched. Reflecting Rogue has been written by the South African author Pimla Dineo Gqola. Her book was launched and it did not pass by unnoticed. Read about the tweeting force, as if birds of a feather flocked together.


writer sports and a conversation

Many events took place at the Open Book Festival 2015. Authors discussed, listeners listened an intervened and the omnipresent twitter was there to record, to dissiminate, to stir and to inform. 

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the model needs to be slashed

Does the literary system of South Africa need to be slashed?
Used as a foundation? 

At the #LitApartheid debate the writer Pumla Dineo Gqola gave her opinion.

Pumla Dineo Gqola