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Die Woordenaars dig & drink

It seems that the way poetry is presented to the prospective reader or hearer is changing. Poetry more and more becomes a performance art. Poetry enters our lives more and more through our ears and less through our eyes. 

For some reading poetry and listening to it cannot be separated from drinking a strong drink. 

Read about poets who are drinkers. 


Khwezi Speaks

Tragic stories abound, in real life and in books. Some of the real life stories end up in books. One of these books is “Khwezi”. Khwezi is the name by which Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo bggecame known in those heady days of 2005 when she had accused president Jacob Zuma of having raped her. In the end the president went scotfree.

For Khwezi the afterlife was not so easy. The followers of Zuma came after her and she fled the country (did she go to The Netherlands?). In 2016 Khwezi returned to South Africa and started talking to Redi Tlhabi. Shortly after telling her story Khwezi died. Redi finished the book and published it.

Here you will find an excerpt of the story.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor khwezi

Deon Meyer Cruise

Ever wanted to go on a cruise? Let the world (and the waters) pass by? Relax. Time to enjoy a good meal. Time to read a good book.

Now you can combine the world of a cruise and a good book. For there will be a cruise in the month of November, leaving the port of Durban (South Africa) for a weekend cruise with the famous crime writer Deon Meyer. 

Let us hope there will not be any criminal events on board. But if something nasty happens, there will be a book about it in a years time. 

Cape Town book signing: Killing Karoline

The apartheid has many legacies. Literature in South Africa (and surrounding countries) is filled with these legacies. 

Sara-Jayne King tells about her roots in the days of apartheid. She was born (in 1980) out of a relationship between a white mother and a black father. That was an illegal and unwanted relationship during the days of apartheid. She was given the name Karoline King, her adoptive white parents later changed her surname. Sara-Jayne was classified as white and was raised in a white world.

In her book Killing Karoline she tells about her journey set against the background of her family and the history of her country.

In a few days time she will be doing a book signing in Cape Town, next month there will another sessions in the very same Cape Town.

Read about it here

Oh look, she’s got red blood!

‘Colour me Yellow’ is the title of a book written by Thuli Nhlapo, who confronts herself with her background in her family and at school were she got the nickname Yellow, her real name was not used by others. There were shocking experiences, that have not left her.

Here you will an excerpt from her book.

Being in Two Places at the Same Time

I cannot remember it ever happened to me: being in two places at the same places. Well, maybe in my dreams it happened. 

The South African writer Craig Higginson wrote an essay with this title. He starts of with a car journey from Jo’burg to Natal (yes, it happened in the olden days). Accidents happened on the road and suddenly he was far away and looked down on the scene. What did happen?

Hop did it effect his writing in later years? 

Read the essay here

Craig Higginson

Reading Noni Jabavu in 2017

She was born nearly a hundred years ago, this lady Noni Jabavu (1919 – 2008). She saw the light of life in the Eastern Cape (South Africa). At a later time she entered the world of letters. She worked as an editor and she wrote two book about her life.

Athambile Masola has a closer look at her life story. Reads her story here

Pioneer: Noni Jabavu in her job as editor of New Strand magazine in London in 1961. Photo: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images