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A second look at Teju Cole

The Nigerian / American Teju Cole shot to fame through his writing. There is, however, more to Teju Cole than holding a pen. He is an art historian. He is an avid photographer and he connect all this bit and parts of his life.

Read here about an exposition in New York (USA) by Teju Cole.  


My camera is like

The writer Teju Cole is much than a writer, he is an art historian, he is a photographer. He cannot be boxed in. In this article he tells about his relationship with his camera. He has recently published a book of photographs. On his Instagram account we have been able to see his work with the camera. In his books the photographs are accompanied by stories, on of the is title Blind Spot. This is also the title of the collection. 

Teju Cole in his Brooklyn office.

Teju Cole talks to Taiye Selasi

Two writers with roots in West Africa met to talk. They both stormed into the literary limelights when they published their debut novels. Here you will read their thoughts on Afropolitism, race, Africa, writing and some other subjects.

Teju Cole and Taiye Selasi

shadows in sao paulo

The American – Nigerian writer Teju Cole deals in words, but he also has a good connection with photos.

In this article he writes about a photo he saw many years ago, and this photo has not left his building. The photo was taken in São Paulo in the year 1960.  

get inspired with one’s

A magazine prepares for a summer edition. One of the editors, present at the brainstorm session, says: Let’s make a list of books to read during the summer. Let’s make it with an African touch. And this what this magazine did. 

Forget that summer is not present everywhere, some people in the very South think it is very cold, but still …..


honour caribbean poet

They came together for PEN America meetings. The topic was Africa. A number of African writers had listened to the sound of the drums and gathered together with many more people. One session was on a poet from Barbados. 

Binyavanga Wainaina from Kenya and Teju Cole from USA / Nigeria were present and spoke their words


145 writers sign letter

The dust has not settled yet. PEN American Center decided to give an award to the editorial board of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Later on this moth an event will be held (at a price!) to had over the award. Initially six writers decided to withdraw from the event, where they would have been co-hosts. Two of the six are Teju Cole and Taiye Selasi. 

Now more writers have decided to sign a letter protesting the award. 

Junot Díaz

Junot Diaz, one of the 145 writers